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Nettuts+ and Psdtuts+ – For Your Design and Development Needs

Part of the massive Tuts+ tutorial network, Nettuts+ is a content and video-driven website for web developers and designers. Aside from loads of freebies, it offers tons of informative articles and tutorials on HTML, CSS, Javascript, CMS’s, PHP and Ruby on Rails (Ruby is a programing language).

What else does Nettuts+ offer?

Video tutorials on various topics range from quick lessons on CodeIgniter (used in building dynamic websites with PHP), quick tips on web development, and making special effects.

Freebies abound. For example, you can download preview ebooks on topics like “The Art & Science of JavaScript” , “Run Your Own Web Server Using Linux & Apache” and “The PHP Anthology: 101 Essential Tips, Tricks & Hacks, 2nd Edition”. You can also get icons in free packages, in their posts, “Free eCommerce Icons” and ” 2500+ Free Icons”. Continue reading Nettuts+ and Psdtuts+ – For Your Design and Development Needs : “A website for digital nomads who live and work from wherever they choose. ”

Started by husband and wife team Lea & Jonathan Woodward, founders and advocates of the Location Independent living lifestyle (followers are called LIPs — location independent persons), is all about how to live the life you want, wherever and however you choose.

“It’s a lifestyle based on the freedom to choose. Whether you choose to live a nomadic life, you want to spend more time at home with the kids, move to an exotic location or you simply want to be able to work from the coffee shop down the road, the location independent lifestyle gives you the freedom to choose what’s right for you.” Continue reading

Popular Website Tools for Better Traffic Analysis and Monitoring

There are dozens of web and traffic analytics tools available on the internet. How can you choose which one to go with?

You can spend time signing up for the most popular ones, or do a little research, but this resource post compiles some of the better and more detailed recommendations on these tools, so it’s like doing research of research. You get the cream of the crop.’s recommendations share details about Google Adplanner, Alexa, Compete, Bizinformation, Quantcast and URLtrends. What’s great about this article is that the comments section shares some real-life experience with some of these services, which can help you narrow down your choices.

Analytics Talk is a blog run by Justin Cutroni (a Google Enterprise Partner and Google Analytics Authorized Consultant) that’s focused on Google Analytics Tips and Tricks. He has a short page on Google Analytics tools and plug-ins that shares configurations and Grease Monkey Scripts. In a longer, more detailed post, he dissects and explains the ins and outs of Google Analytics Goals with clear and easily understood terms. Continue reading Popular Website Tools for Better Traffic Analysis and Monitoring