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Visualizing Your Data

The writers of Tripwire Magazine, featured in an earlier resource post , collected over 50 assorted tools and methods to help you present your data visually. Now, lest visions of pie graphs and death by PowerPoint put you off, wait just a bit.

Forged by evolution, we’re a visual race, and living in these modern times we tend to take this aspect of ours for granted, casually ignoring all the in-your-face-advertising and screaming messages that assault our senses every day.

Just like we use filters to weed out spam on-line, we learn very quickly to filter out the thousands of pushy messages we’re targeted with, in sheer mental self-defense.

How do we do this? We zero in and focus in very short blips when we need to.

Results: A forcibly shorter attention span and a generally diffused focus (we usually don’t see anything out of the ordinary, unless a) we pay attention or b) something jumps out and waves at us).

It’s the “Ooh, shiny!” magpie moment. If it doesn’t look interesting, pass on, pass on…It’s the rare person who can take the time to throttle back and take a second (or third), closer look, what with all the stuff competing for their attention. Continue reading Visualizing Your Data