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How To Save Money On Your Computer

The first step into this discussion is thorny: Do you want a new computer, or do you need a new computer?

The second step sets the limits to the discussion: How much money do you have for it?

Your answers define what comes next: 1) what are your options = wide range of possibilities 2) what are your needs = narrower range of options.


Maybe in the past there have been times when it was easier and faster for you to use money to solve an issue. That was your choice then and it still is now. Of course, it’s still up to you to decide how to make the best use of your funds and get the best value out of your money. No one else will be as invested in the outcome as you, so if you don’t want to make time to think about your purchase, whatever happens, you deal with the consequence.

If you’ve been debating with yourself for a while now on whether to get a new computer or stay with what you’ve got and just go for upgrades, the discussions in the comments section of the following articles (all from The Simple Dollar) are fertile ground, showing an in-depth decision process of getting a new computer, or exploring other options to improve the performance of the equipment you already have. Whether you need a laptop or a desktop, there’s good advice on what factors to consider, and what you can do to make your computer future-resistant.{more}

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