Take-A-Break Programs: RSIBreak, Workrave and Xwrits

In a 4-part series called from last year, titled “You and Your Computer” we mentioned several free programs you can download and use to remind you to take mini-breaks while you work. Here they are again:

RSI Break – for Linux users. Aside from micro-pause pop-ups, to remind you when to take a break, RSIBreak also records how much time you’ve has been active, and how much was idle time.

Workrave – – for GNU/Linux and Microsoft Windows. Workrave is currently available in nine languages. Danish, Dutch, English, German, Polish and Spanish among them.

prompts you to take wrist breaks. A window pops up when you should rest; you click on that window, then you take a break. Designed for Unix systems:*BSD, Linux, Solaris, and so forth.

Typing Injuries FAQ is a huge collection of research that helps point out the best and most helpful online information and resources on typing injuries like Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI). You can also check their software recommendations here. (Click on the links in the left-hand column)

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