Take-A-Break for Kids: CUErgo, Stretchbreak and TIFAQ

Previously in part four of the series You and Your Computer (found here), we mentioned the special ergonomic requirements that kids need when they use computers. To wit:

“Children’s hands are smaller. A mouse and keyboard for adult use may force kids to use their hands in awkward, stretched positions, stressing the developing muscles, bones and nerves. You can check for child-sized Little Fingers keyboards from Datadesk Technologies.”

You can go to Cornell University Ergonomics Web, CUErgo, to see before and after pictures of properly set up workstations for children and teens in their Guidelines for Parents. I highly recommend you visit their “Interesting Sites” page to see more resources on ergonomics and computing.

Healthycomputing.com also has a special section for kids and their parents. And you can also download Stretchbreak (kiddie version) for free, or try out the 10-day trial version for adults.

Typing Injuries FAQ (TIFAQ) has 2 special sections for this special concern, one written for children and a resource page for their parents .

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