Unclutterer: Saving The World, One Mess At A Time

“We hope we can make getting and staying organized fun and informative.”

The writers of Unclutterer succeed in their hopes by providing thoughtful, high-quality articles and cheerful advice on home and office organization, not distinguishing their offerings between, “the helplessly disorganized who would lose their heads if they weren’t attached, and pack rats looking to put their stashes on a diet, but also for obsessive compulsive neat freaks looking to squeeze even more order into their lives.”

Unclutterer shares a truly impressive range of articles on maximizing your space, whether office or living –and streamlining your stuff with it– so you’d be less stressed due to reduced mess, and enjoy a more efficient work environment.

The site has product reviews, reader questions and organization tips and strategies on topics like books, cable clutter, inherited clutter, office organization and technology.

Unclutterer, aside from offering informative tips, also shares frequent humorous insights in their laughtastic Unitasker Wednesday posts, which features items that are totally over-the-top when it comes to their purpose.

As the site explains, “All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes– we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy!”

For example, do you want a USB microwave? . Maybe you’d like to test your lighting-fast reflexes by electrocuting your friends?

Wacky gadgets aside, we recommend visiting the following sections to get you started:

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