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GTD , for those new to the acronym , stands for Getting Things Done. David Allen started the whole GTD craze with his seminal book, Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity. Similar books popped up and sites on the subject mushroomed all over the net, each with their own spin on GTD (which Allen trademarked, by the way.).

Leo Babauta of the well-known Zen Habits blog compiled a long list of tools and resources to help you on your way to getting things done.

The list doesn’t go into too much detail. It’s more of a launch-site to other, more comprehensive and targeted resources. The overview section includes the ever-present Wikipedia entry , as well as on-line resources — including an interview with Allen himself (more interviews here ) — like the following:

Over 40 helpful blogs and websites, like 43 Folders and Lifehacker , 25+ on-line tools, 30+ off-line tools ( for Mac and Windows ), recommendations for analogue tools (classic pen and paper), e-tools for mobile phones and PDA’s, plus mailing lists and forums for you to join.

Aside from the mandatory time-suck warning, bear in mind that all the information and resources presented here are just that — data (subject to your own interpretation) and tools (subject to your own application). It’s still your choice and responsibility as the wielder of the tools you pick to move past the planning stage and commit to action. That being said, go and have fun!

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