Money Matters: The Simple Dollar and GenXFinance

In case we haven’t mentioned the site before, Trent Hamm’s finance blog, The Simple Dollar (with 73,000 readers) is one of our most frequently visited resources.

Since his blog has been around since 2006, this means you have years of entries to choose from with great advice on a wide variety of issues, from making your own laundry detergent, to the merits of cooking at home, to reader Q & A’s, to the pay-off’s of making sensible money choices in the face of other people’s negative opinions (and he also shares on how to deal with those opinions).

Hamm also has a Small Business section too, and aside from the many well-thought out articles (especially his 14 part Money Rules series) you can also download his free e-book, “Everything You Ever Really Needed to Know About Personal Finance on Just One Page.”

Another favorite is Wisebread, a blog community updated daily with deals, commentary, analysis and advice on personal finance. Play around in their forums for stimulating discussions geared towards helping you “live large on a small budget.”

A new entry to our resources section is Jeremy Vohwinkle’s, a lucky click-by because of this insightful post on Social Security, one we mentioned in our most recent article.

Also active online since 2006, Vohwinkle focuses on in his background as a financial advisor. His goal “has always been to be in an educational role that helps people make better decisions with their money.”

We poked around and found even more helpful posts, with one page dedicated to the best of GenXFinance writing, just to give a good place to start.

Granted, for someone used to Trent’s simple, matter-of-fact style on the Simple Dollar, Vohwinkle’s more technical approach gets a bit of adjustment. Some posts really help get things going, especially the ones on brewing your own beer (here), and the 24 signs of financial trouble (here).

Whether it’s Trent’s or Jeremy’s advice you find more helpful, we hope that you also enjoy the messages they’re sharing even as you take them in. Happy reading!

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