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Beer Time!

I know we just finished a series on business lessons from defensive driving, but I’m assuming you’re all adults and are responsible people. That being said, this post is about beer.

To be more specific, brewing your own.

The resources cited below are from past visits and click by’s on Life Hacker, The Simple Dollar and GenX Finance. You’re certainly free to do your own research, since these are just starter lessons and simple tools for the brewing process. Continue reading Beer Time!

Accountingcoach.com and Personal MBA’s

Running a business isn’t all about the products or services you provide. That’s only one part of the whole picture. Numbers have a huge role too — after all, they’re everywhere and they’re vital.

Numbers support and define your metrics, your goals — how else would you know you’re meeting them if you don’t have a record? Then you throw in your income and expenses, just to start, things which delineate the financial health of your enterprise…The list goes on.

Numbers are important. Don’t let math-phobia and lack of a business degree stop you from learning to read the numbers. Knowing how to read your financial papers is part of the costs, and strengths, of running a business.

Accounting Coach.com is one free online resource that can help you with the numbers. The goal of the people running the site is “to make accounting information available for free to everybody on the planet 24/7. Whether you are a student or business person, we know how difficult accounting can be. That’s why we have spent so much time making this alternative resource available to you for free.”

And boy do they deliver. Continue reading Accountingcoach.com and Personal MBA’s

MyOwnBusiness.org and Business Planning

MyOwnBusiness.Org is a good online resource that offers simple, well-thought out guideposts on the ins-and-outs of setting up your own business.

A non-profit organization, MyOwnBusiness.Org aims “to educate entrepreneurs by providing free coursework to foster success and prevent and mitigate human suffering and economic losses arising from preventable mistakes.”

Their primary offering comes in two flavors: a free on-line course (you still have to sign up), and paid-with-certification. You can also just buy the textbook to have offline reference when you study the free course. Continue reading MyOwnBusiness.org and Business Planning