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Planning For 2010 – Make Your Own Calendars and Planners

It’s December! Blink, it’ll be Christmas. Blink again, it’ll be New Year’s day –snap!–just like that. Take this moment before the unavoidable seasonal rush to get a head start on planning your 2010.

For the master planners and list-lovers out there, Compact Calendar Creator helps you print-out an entire year on one page. It’s a very simple (and free) online app that lets you pick between a Sunday-Saturday version (where the 5 workdays are sandwiched in between the 2 weekdays) or a Monday-Sunday version (with Sat-Sun ending the week).

PDF Calendar also lets you print out your choice of calendar –again, for free– from the usual month-at-a-glance to 12 weeks per page, an option which you can format to fit your preferences with shading, borders, margins and even page-orientation. Continue reading Planning For 2010 – Make Your Own Calendars and Planners

DIY Planner : For The Inner Strategist In You

Having mentioned capture journals before, some research we conducted on journaling immediately brought DIYPlanner to our attention.

“DIYPlanner.com is a community site whose focus is on paper-based productivity, planning, journalling and creative techniques.” The site offers official (and free!) D*I*Y Planner kits, and tons of printable templates to suit your productivity needs and styles. Their items range from formal Moleskine journals to free one-page printable, foldable pocket-planners templates for those who prefer really, really streamlined portability in their To-Do lists.

DIYPlanner also offers handbooks and how-to’s, public forums for discussing productivity (not just in business but in all aspects of life),inspirational images, and a lot more.

The forums have simple rules “Be nice, try to help each other, and don’t be afraid of sharing your advice, no matter how wacky or unorthodox it may be. After all, inspiration may lurk in the least obvious places, even for something as seemingly mundane as time management.” Continue reading DIY Planner : For The Inner Strategist In You