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Procrastination: How To Pay Double Interest For Your Time

Procrastination is what happens when intention and ordered meaning is obscured by immediate feeling.
But you already know this, right?
On an intellectual level you understand that there is something you have to finish, and your feelings are like tiny howler monkeys, screaming in your ear and pointing you in the direction of something else.

You can’t pull yourself into the thing you’re supposed to be doing.
You’re meh on that.

These emotions of the moment take your time away from you, and stop you from getting things done that will help you. It’s like there’s a swelling pressure in your head that directs your attention and impulses to other things.

In the long run, when you indulge your feelings now you stress out — and pay for it again in exhaustion, squandered options and missed opportunities afterward.

  • You worry about the stuff you’re supposed to be paying attention to.
  • You worry about not having done it yet.
  • You worry about the after-effects — of work you haven’t done and still aren’t doing.
  • You worry about all the hard work you have to rush to get it done.
  • And in the meantime, you see other opportunities that you can’t take because you’re so busy trying to not-deal with whatever it is you’re putting off.

Result: you’re driven into deeper dithering. You pay for it now (in stress and time) and you pay for it later (in wasted opportunities).

That’s double interest. A credit card with rates like that would be dead in the water, but when it comes to time, your time, it’s okay?

You put things off until the opportunity expires. You don’t work. Things don’t get done. Nothing important for you happens. And for no good reason other than a massive cloud of meh obstructing your vision. Then what happens?

  • You forfeit long-term gains for short-term relief. Add the incidences up over time, the cost can be crushing, because you’ve paid in slices of your life that you can’t ever do over, but can regret plenty.

And it’s not just procrastinating on the little things that bite you in the ass. It’s pulling back on the big things because you’re scared and they matter to you too much. Small things lost may tick you off, but big things lost can break your heart.

You’re afraid you’ll never be able to measure up, or deserve it — why even try? — so you bury yourself in the small stuff to feel busy and accomplished.

Here are a few things I found over the years that helped me get in gear and beat this bad habit: Continue reading Procrastination: How To Pay Double Interest For Your Time

Study Hacks – It’s Not Just For Students

Study Hacks, touted as “the Internet’s most popular student advice blog”, is the brain-child of Cal Newport. Newport is an MIT postdoc, and the author of the popular advice guides How to Become a Straight-A Student, and How to Win at College.


Before you’re turned off by the fact that this recommended resource is one meant to serve college students, just take a minute to look at it.

The advice and insight Newport offers crosses the student/academic environment it’s meant for and, like classic advice, works anywhere where people find it hard to focus and produce good work — which is not just the world of business or ‘grown-up’ jobs, but Life.

He gives advice on replacing busywork, which he terms pseudo-work, with actual, productive work. There’s an embarrassment of riches right there in his insightful posts. You can dive right into the one about pseudo-work right here. Continue reading Study Hacks – It’s Not Just For Students