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Setting Up Firefox to Use Google Apps for mailto: Links

We use Google Apps extensively here at JROX.COM, and I was a bit annoyed that the default mailto: links in Firefox only had the regular GMail option to use for clicking on the mailto: links.
Luckily, I found a pretty cool config setting to register Google Apps as the default email client to use when clicking on those mailto: links. Continue reading Setting Up Firefox to Use Google Apps for mailto: Links

Tripwire – The Weblog for Web Design and Development

Tripwire is a very informative online resource for web designers and web developers. With literally hundreds of tutorials, tools, tips and step-by-step examples of the best design and development out there on the web, Tripwire’s writers share information that can help change the way you think about and approach design and the Internet.

A quick preview of post titles should give you an idea of what to expect in terms of samples and other helpful tools:
16 Scarily Realistic 3D animations
15 Stunning Fresh Photographic Effects from DeviantArt
10 Brilliant On-line Tools For Freelancers
30 Essential Tools For Web Designers

Tripwire offers articles on things from CSS, design and development, icons and Javascript to Photoshop, themes and logos. For the artistic and the analytical among you, this site offers hours of fun, inspiration and helpful lessons on how to expand your repertoire of skills, and expose you to how other designers and developers think. Have fun!

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Accountingcoach.com and Personal MBA’s

Running a business isn’t all about the products or services you provide. That’s only one part of the whole picture. Numbers have a huge role too — after all, they’re everywhere and they’re vital.

Numbers support and define your metrics, your goals — how else would you know you’re meeting them if you don’t have a record? Then you throw in your income and expenses, just to start, things which delineate the financial health of your enterprise…The list goes on.

Numbers are important. Don’t let math-phobia and lack of a business degree stop you from learning to read the numbers. Knowing how to read your financial papers is part of the costs, and strengths, of running a business.

Accounting Coach.com is one free online resource that can help you with the numbers. The goal of the people running the site is “to make accounting information available for free to everybody on the planet 24/7. Whether you are a student or business person, we know how difficult accounting can be. That’s why we have spent so much time making this alternative resource available to you for free.”

And boy do they deliver. Continue reading Accountingcoach.com and Personal MBA’s

Nettuts+ and Psdtuts+ – For Your Design and Development Needs

Part of the massive Tuts+ tutorial network, Nettuts+ is a content and video-driven website for web developers and designers. Aside from loads of freebies, it offers tons of informative articles and tutorials on HTML, CSS, Javascript, CMS’s, PHP and Ruby on Rails (Ruby is a programing language).

What else does Nettuts+ offer?

Video tutorials on various topics range from quick lessons on CodeIgniter (used in building dynamic websites with PHP), quick tips on web development, and making special effects.

Freebies abound. For example, you can download preview ebooks on topics like “The Art & Science of JavaScript” , “Run Your Own Web Server Using Linux & Apache” and “The PHP Anthology: 101 Essential Tips, Tricks & Hacks, 2nd Edition”. You can also get icons in free packages, in their posts, “Free eCommerce Icons” and ” 2500+ Free Icons”. Continue reading Nettuts+ and Psdtuts+ – For Your Design and Development Needs