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Study Hacks – It’s Not Just For Students

Study Hacks, touted as “the Internet’s most popular student advice blog”, is the brain-child of Cal Newport. Newport is an MIT postdoc, and the author of the popular advice guides How to Become a Straight-A Student, and How to Win at College.


Before you’re turned off by the fact that this recommended resource is one meant to serve college students, just take a minute to look at it.

The advice and insight Newport offers crosses the student/academic environment it’s meant for and, like classic advice, works anywhere where people find it hard to focus and produce good work — which is not just the world of business or ‘grown-up’ jobs, but Life.

He gives advice on replacing busywork, which he terms pseudo-work, with actual, productive work. There’s an embarrassment of riches right there in his insightful posts. You can dive right into the one about pseudo-work right here. Continue reading Study Hacks – It’s Not Just For Students