Design and Usability Resources: Oldies but Goodies

Alertbox: a very informative newsletter on Web Usability. Their bookmark’s tagline:

“Design guidelines for Web and intranet usability, user research summarized, Top-10 mistakes of Web design, how to write for the Web, response time limits, small sites as Web’s killer apps, Web project management.”

You can bookmark Dr. Jakob Nielsen’s site to learn more about usability and accessibility principles that can enhance your website and teach you about the principles behind why we use our computers the way we do. Dr. Nielsen has had extensive and intensive experience in charting the development of the Internet and the evolution of electronic design and usage. He has articles dating back to 1995 that still offer relevant information on how our usage and technological changes influenced each other and the way the internet developed.

For the people hoping for a quick read, he already earmarked his top 2 must-read articles: Usability 101 and Top 10 mistakes of Web design.

If you read nothing else on his site, read these. Hopefully you’ll stick around to check out the other articles, there are dozens and dozens to pick and choose from–maybe you can save them for offline reading when you have free study-time scheduled.
All Things Web : “A collection of resources for Webspinners & authors,” with the enduring advice, “Always and in everything, remember your reader.”

An older site, has basic, classic principles that are still very much applicable today, even though most of the writing is geared to a time when 14.4 kbps was the norm. And yes, it really was that fast — at the time. Ignoring the outdated technical information, this site has a great deal of timeless design principles and relevant information that can help you build a better site. Check out their resources here.

Web Pages That Suck “Web Pages That Suck — learn good web design by looking at bad web design.”

As evidenced by its rather pithy tagline, Web Pages That Suck shows you what NOT to do, in a no-holds barred, often hilarious manner. It follows the same approach as that fashion show “What Not To Wear” does; you get to see some truly mind-boggling, eye-straining, bandwidth-blowing websites, and hopefully get to congratulate yourself for not being that design-challenged, while leaving with tips to improve your site and a new appreciation of design aesthetics. .

Something extra: – “Your free online coach, cheerleader, and fairy-godmother for decluttering and organizing your home and life! Find out how daily reminders can help you clean your house, keep the clutter away, and best of all, bring peace to your home and family!” A surprising helpful and motivational site with, yes, you guessed it, daily reminders to keep you on-track with your cleaning to-do’s –when you’re too tired to think ahead, just follow the instructions.

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