Legacy Locker: Dealing With The Other Side of Your Online Identity

Legacy Locker is a safe, secure repository for your vital digital property that lets you grant access to online assets for friends and loved ones in the event of loss, death, or disability.”

Most people rarely like to think of their own death, or of being involved in a life-changing accident. That’s understandable. The ones who do tackle the grim possibility of a disabling event, or their eventual, inevitable end, and take steps to take care of their families in case something happens to them are the ones who think ahead.

Legacy Locker is an on-line service, along with other companies like Asset Lock and Deathswitch , that handles the privacy, storage and protection of your on-line assets.

You can store your user names and passwords to your Facebook, Paypal and all of your other on-line accounts, or upload scanned copies of important documents to your Legacy Locker.

After which, you can choose two trusted verifiers to back you up in real-life, and handle the contents of your Locker according to your wishes, in case something does happen to you.

Legacy Locker came about when one of the founders of the company, Jeremy Toeman, welcomed his baby son and lost his grandmother in the same year. After Toeman’s son was born, he and his wife did a full asset review when they created a will to protect and provide for the new addition to the family.

And when his grandmother –who led an active life online– died later in the year, he and his family weren’t able to respond to her emails because they had no way to access her accounts.

As more and more people stay connected on-line today, it can’t be helped that they uses different accounts to get and keep in touch with one another. Legacy Locker helps alleviate the anxiety about leaving your friends and family helpless and in the dark about your on-line life and assets by providing a safe, secure service that lets you list them down and how you want them to be distributed.

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