Get The Numbers: Digital and Mobile Statistics

Knowledge is power. Data is key to that power. Understanding what the data is showing helps people make better decisions. But when you’re pressed for time focusing on your priorities, who can you trust to give you accurate reports from which you can can make practical plans and take insight-driven action that will guarantee successful goals?

Where can you go to get the data you need to make better decisions for your business? Better yet, where can you access data that has already been driven down into usable key points — saving you the time and trouble of the initial analysis and prediction?

Businesses run by numbers. Big businesses love running big numbers and big data.  Even better, there are  organizations already in the business of collecting, tracking and analyzing data, and interpreting the results. What you can do is set things up so you can tap these resources when you need them for forecasting, long-term planning, and bench-marking. What else? Just to start:

  • Check the latest consumer behaviors across  multiple channels and social media platforms.
  • Make decisions based on reliable data for presenting investment proposals for marketing.
  • Check your performance against your competition in the same niche.
  • Check sources to give you an idea on consumer behavior trends in e-commerce and mobile marketing.

Previously we presented five sources at the tail end of “Business By The Numbers: Smartphones.”  We’re expounding on some of them here and adding more to the list as well.

Google’s Consumer Barometer is “a tool to help you understand how people use the Internet across the world.” Basically you can access numerous graphs, statistics, and curated insights on consumer behavior in markets everywhere. Consumer Barometer is partnered with research agency TSN Global,  technology design studio Hive, and IAB Europe. The website’s current data is focused on smartphones, and you can access and focus on assorted key performance indicators (KPI’s) per country, as well as create your own graphs.

The International Telecoms Union, in its focus on creating, developing and improving telecommunication networks in developing countries, has amassed a lot of data and statistical reports on mobile use. For the truly big picture approach, ITU has the biggest sample size of data available. Their reports feature by country and by continent levels, and a lot of the information is freely available.

Flurry Mobile Analytics
If you happen to develop apps for the mobile market, Flurry Mobile Analytics can help you track and analyze your app’s performance across different mobile devices and break down the numbers for consumer segregation, demographics, and segmentation.  They even have a blog to share their insights, which are condensed nuggets of information gold.

Smart Insights
Before you fall into the rabbit hole of their most popular posts, Smart Insights aims to help business and marketers save time and money by sharing actionable marketing advice, training, templates and ebooks to get the most out of their digital marketing efforts. As a quick look, here are two reports to help you out this 2017.

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