About Jrox Resources

JROX.COM’s Resources Section will include the sites we’ve mentioned in our other articles, plus other on-line resources and advice that we think could help your off-line life.

It works along the principle of, “Hey, this is so cool, how could I have missed this?”and “Hey, I think this could really help me deal with things I’ve been dealing with lately,” plus, “Man, I gotta share the happy thought.”

Occasionally, we will also include things we feel just can’t not be shared — maybe they won’t be mainstream, maybe they’re not about marketing, or be business-related, but they will definitely be interesting, and still helpful.

Who knows, maybe they can change your life?

We are not affiliated with these sites. We want you to know that from the start. These are services, reviews, places, what-have-you’s, and advice that we found helpful and interesting in doing the research for our articles, plus sites we just “gotta share.”

If you have something interesting you want to share, a viewpoint, a rebuttal, another site or service you think is awesome, please tell us in the comments so we can have a look-see too.


For more about Jrox.com and our products, please visit us at either www.jrox.com, jam.jrox.com, jem.jrox.com or drop by forum.jrox.com,

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