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A Little Toolbox To Combat Stress

Even with all the new advances in technology we see each year, it’s not likely we’ll ever  reach the point where businesses are fully run by AI’s and robots.  People will always be at the heart of any enterprise, and as such, stress will an inevitable and unchanging part of the human condition.

With the constant stress we are bombarded with daily,  what makes it feel worse is that it can look all but impossible to halt the assault.

  • Work environment: People are pressured more to produce more in less time, and are driven to unhealthy and unsustainable levels of performance. Without downtime to rest and detach from work-pressure, the mind and body cannot take needful rest in peace.
  • Technology tethers: We are exposed to constant, unrelenting stimulation via technology and work culture.  We deal with alerts, pings, and messages that can interrupt our focus and break our concentration.

We are overwhelmed with choices, and yet can be made to feel we have no choice.

Hey,  welcome back to Jrox Resources. Today’s article is targeted towards managing stress by using techniques to help you keep calm, or help you calm down, either by  practice, soothing sounds, or by  simple creative activities. Continue reading A Little Toolbox To Combat Stress

Beer Time!

I know we just finished a series on business lessons from defensive driving, but I’m assuming you’re all adults and are responsible people. That being said, this post is about beer.

To be more specific, brewing your own.

The resources cited below are from past visits and click by’s on Life Hacker, The Simple Dollar and GenX Finance. You’re certainly free to do your own research, since these are just starter lessons and simple tools for the brewing process. Continue reading Beer Time!

Unclutterer: Saving The World, One Mess At A Time

“We hope we can make getting and staying organized fun and informative.”

The writers of Unclutterer succeed in their hopes by providing thoughtful, high-quality articles and cheerful advice on home and office organization, not distinguishing their offerings between, “the helplessly disorganized who would lose their heads if they weren’t attached, and pack rats looking to put their stashes on a diet, but also for obsessive compulsive neat freaks looking to squeeze even more order into their lives.”

Unclutterer shares a truly impressive range of articles on maximizing your space, whether office or living –and streamlining your stuff with it– so you’d be less stressed due to reduced mess, and enjoy a more efficient work environment.

The site has product reviews, reader questions and organization tips and strategies on topics like books, cable clutter, inherited clutter, office organization and technology. Continue reading Unclutterer: Saving The World, One Mess At A Time

Fun Stuff: Wearable Chairs, Freebies and Zombies

And now for more light-hearted stuff (just to show you that our resource section isn’t all about pain and owwies.)

Go see Nada, for “the chair you wear.” Seriously, how can you resist a tagline like that? For the perfect posture, the end to your daily slouch, see their ingenious answer to combat the boneless slump afflicting so many computer users today. Their Nada-chairs even went into space.

For the weekend hobbyist, inveterate dabbler or the frugal do-it-yourself-er, go to Tom Miller’s Woodware Designs. He offers “plans for low-stress computer furniture you can build,” and also has free plans available for desks, steps-stools, shop furniture and more.

Zombie Squad is the world’s premier Non-stationary Cadaver Suppression Group. There is nothing we can say to fully express the sheer brilliance of this site, so we’re letting their introduction speak for them: Continue reading Fun Stuff: Wearable Chairs, Freebies and Zombies